W2 Motorcycle Boots


What does W2 mean? ... Italian boots, envisioned, designed and developed in Italy.

WIND TRADING introduced in 1985 its first collection of boots under the brand WIND.

The collection was represented just by a couple of off-road models, complementing in those days popular program of WIND RACEWARE apparel.

Few years later more boot models for street and touring riders were introduced to the WIND boots collection.

WIND RACEWARE was a strong off-road brand back then, which meanwhile was limiting the sales of street and touring boots: refreshing the image was a mandatory move to make, introducing a brand that was going to be accepted by all motorcycle market segments.

This is the reason why a staff of technical footwear experts, along with orthopaedic specialists, created the W2 brand and launched it on the world market back in 2003