GPS Lap Timer

GPS Lap Timer

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Compact lightweight Biketek Lap timer, simple motorcycle lap-timing unit Ideal for track days and practice sessions

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Lap Timer using GPS tracking technology for an accurate and precise data logging of track, speed and distance with three mode options of lap / drag / sector times. Charged in 2 hours via USB connection with 20 hours continuous use. Simple setup to input track, sector or drag start, finish points with selectable MPH or KPH includes GPS module and antenna with integral connector lead.


  • Locate the LCD display unit in the car or on the motorcycle dashboard
  • Position the Infra-Red eye in the direction of the pitwall transmitter
  • Place the transmitter on the pitwall and switch on


  • Laptimer using GPS tracking
  • Accurate and precise logging of track, speed and distance
  • 3 mode options; Lap / Drag / Sector
  • Simple to input track, sector or drag start/finish points
  • MPH / KPH selectable mode
  • Oversize lacklit display module 73 x 50 x 16mm size
  • GPS antenna module with integral connector lead
  • 20 hours continuous use
  • 2 hours charge time by USB lead (included)
  • Adhesive velcro mounting patch
  • 10hz chip