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Mylaps Transponders

mylaps transponders suitable for Motorcycle Racing, Car Racing, Karting including AMCA and ACU Moto X events

Rechargable mylaps Transponder 260R suitable for (Car or motorcycle circuit racing), mylaps Rechargable Transponder 160R suitable for (Karting), MX transponders (MX or Enduro) and 260 Direct Powered Transponder wired directly into the vehicle system

We stock all mylaps transponders for these sports including spare parts such as spare brackets or cradles, AC/DC plug chargers, full transponder charging kits

Important note for MX Transponders

mylaps MX transponders purchased directly from the AMCA will only work at AMCA events, MX transponders purchased from any other source, such as our or direct from mylaps, will work at either AMCA or ACU events