Payment Methods & Security

We accept all major credit cards using HSBC merchant service Global Iris and PayPal transactions

Credit and Debit Card details are entered on a secure page using SSL. Once you have entered your address details at the checkout, you will be asked to enter your card details processed using HSBC Global Iris (powered by Realex and are transferred . Authorisation of your transcation is decided in seconds while you are online.

Payment Process

During the order payment process you will be taken to the secure server of your choice, either HSBC or Paypal secure websites to enter your payment details, once completed you will be returned to this website for confirmation that your order has been processed.

Using HSBC Global Iris no one else can see your payment details, not even ourselves, as we do not store card details. We are simply instructed by HSBC that an authorisation has been approved.

By using these providers it ensures that each and every transaction going through our site is 100% secure, all the available checks and encryption technologies are used to minimise any possibility of credit card fraud.

Mastercard Securecode and Verified by Visa

These anti-fraud services are free to use and have been created by Mastercard and Visa to provide another level of security to prevent credit-card fraud online.

The HSBC Global Iris Payments system incorporates the MasterCard "MasterCard SecureCode" and Visa "Verified by Visa" security systems. When you enter your card details, a pop-up box will appear from your bank asking you for your password. If you do not enter the correct password, no authorisation will be given for your purchase, making credit card fraud virtually impossible.

How will the payment appear on my card statement?
The payment will appear on your credit card or bank statement as Race Not which is our sister site