Spark Plugs

Replacement motorcycle NGK spark plugs suitable for road or race competition going motorcycles, including Copper, Nickel or Iridium core types

‘S’ TYPE (e.g. BP6ES) - NGK Standard Copper Spark Plugs
NGK standard spark plugs with copper cored centre electrodes for wide heat range, the longer insulator noses can be used to protect against fouling

‘G’ TYPE (e.g. B10EG) - NGK Nickel Spark Plugs
These plugs feature a smaller diameter centre electrode tip made of conventional nickel Alloy therefore service life is reduced, these plugs are best used in applications where plugs are frequently changed

‘IX’ TYPE (e.g. BR8EIX) - NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
These plugs use the precious metal Iridium with smaller diameter centre electrode tip to concentrate the available electrical energy, combined with the taper cut ground electrode provides the best performance in terms of starting, idling and especially throttle response

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