Motorcycle Battery / Alternator Tester

Motorcycle Battery / Alternator Tester

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Simple motorcycle battery and charging system voltage tester

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Biketek motorcycle battery / alternator tester monitors the charge state of 12V motorcycle charging system including batteries, showing test results with a traffic light type display ensuring quick and easy battery monitoring, prompting good battery maintenance and extended battery life

This simple battery tester is operated by connecting to the battery via the terminal leads to give a faulty, poor, fair or good reading of the battery charge state including an indication of the operating status of the alternator when engine is running. The unit is IP35 waterproof, allowing the unit to be permanently connected to the motorcycle, if required.


  • No LED - FAULTY battery <11.6V
  • Red LED - POOR battery 11.6V +
  • Yellow LED - FAIR battery 12.0V +
  • Green LED - GOOD battery 12.5V +


  • Alternator function: Green LED - Charging system working well 13.5V detected
  • Monitors the state of 12v batteries and alternator systems
  • Shows results in simple traffic light display
  • Waterproof to IP65
  • Ensures quick and easy battery monitoring
  • Prompts good battery maintenance and extends battery life
  • L56mm X W45mm X H21mm
Battery Tender
Voltage (V):
  • 12 volts