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Gel, lithium and maintenance free motorcycle batteries from Dynavolt which is a globally recognised motorcycle battery manufacturer supplying batteries approved as aftersales replacement by several top Japanese and European motorcycle manufacturers. All batteries are available from standard lead acid to high performance Gel nanotechnology units as used in moto2 by the Dynavolt Intact GP team. New in stock are lithium Ion lightweight batteries which are approximately 71% lighter than conventional or gel type batteries

Lithium key features

  • Good performance at both high and low temperatures - better cranking amps than traditional lead acid batteries
  • Up to 3000 charge/discharge cycles
  • Up to 2000 starts
  • Approximately 71% lighter than traditional lead acid batteries
  • Ultra rapid complete charge (100% in less than 40 minutes) - Ultra rapid partial charge (less than 2 minutes)
  • Low self-discharge rate (up to 0.05% daily disconnected)
  • Long life - last 3 to 5 times longer than traditional batteries
  • Fit in any mounting position - no liquids inside
  • Active balancing embedded control electronics with microprocessor control
  • Environmentally friendly - No lead or acid inside
Lithium Ion Battery Replaces YTX20L-BS
Lithium Ion Battery LIPO12B Replaces YTZ12S
Lithium Ion Battery LIPO14B Replaces YTZ14-S
Lithium Ion Battery LIPO14C Replaces CB14L-A2 YTX14AHL-BS CB14L-B2  YTX14L-BS 12N14-3A
Lithium Ion Battery LIPO07D Replaces YTZ8V
Lithium Ion Battery LIPO14A Replaces YTX14-BS
Lithium Ion Battery LIPO09B Replaces YT9B-BS / YT9B4
Lithium Ion Battery LIPO09C Replaces CB7-A CB9AA  CB9-B 12N7-4A 12N74B 12N9-4B-1
Lithium Ion Battery LIPO10A Replaces YTZ10S
Lithium Ion Battery LIPO12E Replaces CB10A-A2, CB12A-A, CB12A-B, 12N12A4A1
Lithium Ion Battery LIPO12F Replaces CB10L-A2 CB10L-B2 CB12AL-A CB12AL-A2
Lithium Ion Battery LIPO12C Replaces YTX12-BS
Lithium Ion Battery LIPO12D Replaces YT12A-BS
Dynavolt CB30-CLB High Performance Battery
Dynavolt MG14ZS Gel Motorcycle Battery
Dynavolt MG1218 Gel Motorcycle Battery
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