Sena Handlebar Remote Control

Sena Handlebar Remote Control

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Sena handlebar remote control designed for Bluetooth 4.1 headsets, including the 20S, 10U, 10C and 10R models

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Sena handlebar remote control installs easily onto motorcycle handlebars using a handlebar clamp and features a glove-friendly joystick and buttons, compatible with Bluetooth Smart Ready-enabled gear, which is part of the Bluetooth 4.1 standard, this includes the 20S, 10U, 10C and 10R

This gives you full control over your Sena Bluetooth communication gear while reducing the risks of taking your hands off the handlebars while riding*

The unit charges via USB port, but with several months of battery life per charge, so you won’t need to charge very often

*With the exclusion of the camera on the 10C.

Sena model:
  • Handlebar Remote Control
Sena Intercom:
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10 meters
Bluetooth 4.1

Quick Start Guide (QSG_Sena_HandlebarRemote_v1.0_en_20150409.pdf, 302 Kb) [Download]