Mammoth Thatcham Square Chain With Shackle Lock

Mammoth Thatcham Square Chain With Shackle Lock

5 star Thatcham security rating

Product highlights:

If you are looking for the ultimate in security then you have just found it in this Thatcham Approved Category 3 Device chain lock. 12mm square link, available in two chain lengths 1.2m or 1.8m

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Mammoth Thatcham motorcycle square chain and shackle lock features reinforced plates to resist drilling and picking, manufactured using 11mm chrome moly hardened steel chain, designed for all securing needs, especially suited to secure motorcycles to a fixing or ground anchor

Thatcham approved This Mammoth security product has been evaluated against The British Insurance Industry Criteria for Vehicle Security and recognised as a Thatcham Approved Device Category 3 Mechanical Immobiliser, Evaluation number TQA584


  • No-nonsense security
  • Super heavy duty lock
  • Thatcham Approved chain
  • Sold Secure “Gold” equivalent
  • 12mm Cro-Mo square steel chain
  • Available in two chain lengths LOCM003 1.8m LOCM007 1.2m
  • Hardened steel lock body with double bearing lock mechanism
  • Reinforced cylinder plates resist drilling and picking
  • 11mm hardened Cro-Mo steel shackle lock
  • Protective fabric sleeve
  • Thatcham Certificate No. TQA584
Lock type:
Shackle Lock

Thatcham Certificate number TQA584 (Thatcham_Certificate_number_TQA584.pdf, 232 Kb) [Download]