Mammoth Shackle U Lock 160mm X 320mm

Mammoth Shackle U Lock 170mm X 320mm

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Mammoth security motorcycle shackle U lock with hardened steel shackle, anti-scratching coating

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Mammoth security motorcycle shackle U-Lock suitable to be used to securely lock a motorcycle through the front discs or wheel, this robust shackle U-lock prevents a bike being wheeled away

Features a hardened steel shackle with an anti-scratching coating to prevent damage when in use, lock cover with double locking bar mechanism, weatherproof key barrel protector 170mm width x 320mm length


  • Hardened steel shackle
  • Anti-scratching coating
  • Double locking bar mechanism
  • Weatherproof key barrel protector
  • 170mm (W) x 320mm (L)
Lock type:
U Lock